UnderWater World Aquarium Coupons

UnderWater World Aquarium Coupons

Learn about the UnderWater World through the live experience of UnderWater World Aquarium. This aquarium provides you with the experience of underwater world and provides you knowledge about the conservation of marine life. Education is one of the priorities of UnderWater World Aquarium.

Obtain UnderWater World Aquarium Coupons and lower the cost of experiencing the marine life. With UnderWater World Aquarium Coupons you can enjoy every exciting feature of marine life at very low prices.

Students, pensioners, and seniors can use their ID and visit the aquarium at a discounted rate of $26. The same group of people can obtain a 14 day pass to visit the aquarium at discounted price of $39.

The annual pass holder receives an advantage of visiting the aquarium for one year without any charges. The date of the year starts from the day the annual pass was purchased. Annual pass holders receive 50% discount on bringing guests to the aquarium. The annual pass holder even receive 10% discount on gift shop items and pictures. They also gain 10% discounts at the exhibits available in the aquarium. Student, pensioners and seniors get annual passes at discounted prices.

The aquarium provides 10% discount to groups that contain 10 – 19 people and 20% discount to groups that consists of more than 20 people.

UnderWater World Aquarium

The aquarium comprises of eight unique zones and is open daily from 9am to 5pm except on Christmas Day. The aquarium offers various programs and events such as touch and tell and birthday parties.