Monterey Bay Aquarium Coupons

Monterey bay Aquarium Coupons

It feels very good when you are in the sea or near water. Water brings calmness to our lives; we can feel the same calmness by visiting Monterey bay Aquarium. This aquarium provides you with the most entertaining experience of your life.

You should participate in all the activities that take place in the aquarium; for these activities you should consider obtaining Monterey bay Aquarium Coupons. Monterey bay Aquarium Coupons will help in keeping your budget balanced.

Group of 12 or more people are eligible for unimaginable discounts on admission tickets. One escort or trip advisor is allowed to enter the aquarium for free with a group of 12 or more people. Retired and active people working in military, defense, navy can get admission discounts.

Discount coupons and tickets can be obtained through various hotels and as package deals. You can increase your saving by getting a membership; this will make you eligible to enter the aquarium free for 1 year and you will be eligible for 10% discount on purchases from the aquarium’s gift shop.

Monterey bay Aquarium

The Monterey bay Aquarium was publicly functional on 20th October, 1984 and is currently taking care of more than 35,000 animals of 623 species. Some of the major exhibits of the aquarium include: shark exhibits, penguins, Flamingos and seahorses.

The aquarium is offering educational services to teachers and schools. The aquarium can be reserved for educational programs or you can visit the various educational programs held by the aquarium.