Living Planet Aquarium Coupons

Shark at Living Planet Aquarium

Living planet Aquarium Coupons

Living planet aquarium is a place where you can experience the importance of nature for our lives. This aquarium has a lot to offer including: education, entertainment and ultimate satisfaction for you and your family members.

You can easily relax your expenses at the aquarium by obtaining Living Planet Aquarium Coupons. Living Planet Aquarium Coupons help you attain a great holiday at the Living Planet Aquarium at very low prices.

Purchase the Visit Salt Lake Connect Pass and receive 1 free admission to the aquarium. Pay 50% of admission ticket price on your Tracy Aviary annual membership card. Use Utah Kids Club card and receive 50% discount on child admission ticket with a fully paid adult admission ticket.

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Visit the aquarium with a group of 20 people and get huge discounts on admission tickets. Group reservations are to be made before entering the zoo.

Living planet Aquarium

The history of the Living Planet Aquarium goes back to the year 1999. It currently serves 1250 animals of 267 species. The aquarium has warmly welcomed more than 1 million visitors since its opening. The most famous exhibit of the aquarium is the South America Exhibit; the exhibit received more than 80,000 visitors on first day.

The aquarium is promoting the importance of education about nature and it has successfully held various programs for this reason.