Duluth Aquarium Coupons

Duluth Aquarium Coupons

Every visitor of Duluth should once visit Great Lakes Aquarium located in Duluth. It is one of the best attractions of Duluth. The locals of Duluth take their guests to the aquarium for an entertaining time period. Here kids can have all the fun they want by being near to the animals living in sea water.

Whether you are visiting Duluth or live there; you should obtain Duluth Aquarium coupons as this will help keep your expenses low while you are having fun at the Great Lakes Aquarium. With Duluth Aquarium coupons you gain access to various methods of saving money at the aquarium.

Volunteer at the aquarium and gain special benefits including: free admission and parking during active volunteering time period. 30% discount on purchases in the gift shop and satisfaction of helping the needy.

Locals should purchase the membership as it comes handy while you visit the aquarium with your kids and guests. Free parking, 10% gift shop discount, invitation to special member only events and newsletter subscription are the benefits of obtaining membership.

One chaperone is allowed to visit the aquarium for free with 10 students. Groups visiting with 10 adults or children get special group entrance rates and get escorts and busses for free.

Duluth Aquarium

Great Lakes Aquarium features huge number of animals of 100 species. It opened on July 29th 2000 in Duluth, Minnesota.

This aquarium is packed with educational and entertainment elements. It has various exhibits helping people learn about the nature and getting near to the nature.